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Georgian Bay WeddingThe wedding exchange of vows is an important part of the wedding ceremony. Wedding vows are a sacred promise between bride and groom in front of God and witnesses to love each other and remain committed to one another through thick and thin.

That is a lot of pressure! Although weddings as a whole can be considered similar, each wedding has a unique touch because each couple is uniquely different. Some couples like to use traditional vows recommended by their minister or wedding officiant and some like to write their own. If you look in youtube and search “Wedding Vows” you will see oodles of ideas that couples of done.

Some couples turn their wedding vows into a more comical part of the ceremony, while others go deep down in their hearts and cause the whole audience to tear-up. It is completely up to you how you want to present your commitment to each other. When it comes to wedding vows, there is no right and wrong, as long as you don’t embarrass your spouse and you mean what you are saying.

A person’s word is not taken as seriously as it used to. We can ‘say’ things to make people feel better we don’t really mean. A good idea is to keep your wedding vows and review them at least once a year. (Once a week or month would be even better) This way you can remember the feelings you had for you spouse on your wedding day and ponder how you have been keeping your vows. Have you been honouring your commitments?

Try to enjoy this part of your wedding planning. There are many great resources to help you with your wedding vows. Here is a website that has several wedding vow outlines Try to relax during your vows and focus on your partner and let the crowd slip away into the background. Although, public speaking can be difficult, if you focus on your future bride/groom you will get your point across nicely.

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